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For me, the heart song was a moment in time, where I felt completely connected to source energy. A very moving experience.


I have had a number of sessions on the heart song machine with Pauline. Each time I have been blown away by the experience. Pauline is an intuitive and sensitive practioner. Each time I have had a deep healing and transformational results listening to the sound tracks again and again afterwards. I have physically felt blocks in my heart chakra unravel and also had experiences of deep peace where I have drifted off into a state of bliss. 

Alphedia Kenchington

Founder of Elemental Beings

💖 💖 I Can Highly Recommend This profound Heart Healing Experience xx 💖 Deeply Moving & Beautiful xx 💖Thank You Pauline For Sharing This Amazing Experience With Me xx 💖  

💖💖Om Shanti 💖 💖

Zaria Astaria Shanti  

I have participated in Sound of Soul sessions .. the whole concept has stunning potential for us all .. very much ties in with my philosophies and, in Pauline we are blessed to have the right lady in place to deliver it to us here in Scotland. .. Integrity and Compassion are her calling cards. ..

Hugh Gilbert

Author and founder of

Kinetic Chain Release

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